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Explaining Science in the Age of Denialism

In a warming world, where the 20th century’s vaccine victories are today’s emerging diseases, science enthusiasts are understandably frustrated! Worse yet, well-meaning, busy people who rely on the media for information are understandably confused. We need a toolkit to gently and compellingly present evidence without alienation.

Ignite Baltimore · Sept 29 2015

Paper: "A high throughput mutagenic analysis of yeast sumo structure and function"

Sumo PDF

Thesis: "Structural Studies of the Human Astrovirus 1 Capsid Acidic Domain"

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Communicating Injustice

Outreach surrounding the unjust arrest and prosecution of over 200 'J20' protesters


Washington Post Editorial

"...'in the American criminal justice system, sometimes the bad guys win.'

I couldn’t agree more.

They win every time an innocent defendant takes a guilty plea because he can’t afford to mount a defense. They win every time a black defendant faces a jury from which her peers have been stricken, based on their race. But when a thoughtful jury concludes in good faith that prosecutors have not proved their case? Surely that goes up on the scoreboard for the good guys."

I was a defendant in an Inauguration Day protest case. I got off. That’s justice.

Washington Post · July 27 2018 (or PDF)

New York Times Editorial

"Prosecutors have the power to single-handedly destroy lives, and there are few consequences for abuse of that power. At the same time, their main measure of success is the ability to secure convictions, not the degree to which justice is served."

How Prosecutors Turn a Protest Into a ‘Riot’

New York Times · Nov 15 2017 (or PDF)

Testimony at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Organization of American States · Dec 7 2017

Research/Legal Writing

Supplement to Opposition

Supplement in Opposition to the Government's Reconsideration Motion

Motion detailing misrepresentations by the #J20 prosecutors, as well as Project Veritas' secrecy and coordination with law enforcement

Oct 22, 2018

Motion to Join Defendant's Opposition to The Government's Reconsideration Motion

Motion providing additional factual background in opposition to the government's motion to reconsider the Court's finding of Brady and Rule 16 violations

Sept 9, 2018

Joining Opposition

'Print' Interviews

Fake News Has its Day in Court · (PDF - Online / Print)

Newsweek · July 17 2018

Criminalising protest in the USA: the story of the J20 trial · (PDF)

The Sydney Morning Herald · Apr 22 2018

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Video/Audio Interviews

AJ+ Interview

Inauguration Arrest Puts Young Woman's Life On Hold

Video interview focusing on the human cost of excessive, politically-motivated prosecutions

AJ+ · Dec 21 2017

VICE News Interview

Inauguration Protesters Facing Up To 60 Years In Prison

Video interview with Elle Reeve, discussing the 1st Amendment implications of the J20 prosecutions

VICE News · Jan 18 2018

Salon Interview

Criminalizing Free Speech in the Trump Era

Video interview in which we break down how the DOJ is criminalizing dissent in the J20 cases

Salon · Jan 26 2018

Aljazeera Interview

Is the US trying to make protest a crime?

Video interview with host Femi Oke discussing the implications of the J20 arrests and prosecutions on the right to protest

Al Jazeera English · Nov 22 2017

Mic Interview

Facing Jail Time For Protesting Trump

Video interview explaining the civil liberties implications of the J20 cases, as well as their human cost

Mic · Oct 11 2017

Democracy Now Interview

200+ Inauguration Protesters, Journalists & Observers Face Riot Charges From Mass Arrest

Video interview discussing the injustice of the J20 arrests and prosecutions

Democracy Now! · Nov 28 2017

The J20 Trials Begin

Audio interview with Baynard Woods, discussing court room developments and the prosecution's legal strategies

Democracy in Crisis · Nov 20 2017